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House of the Youth

The House of the Youth is an open meeting place for children and young people in the Landau city center with several offers. In addition to our café, which is the heart of the house, we offer our rooms to birthday celebrations or to rehearse with your music band.

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Schriftzug "Streetwork Landau"


We enter into the lifeworld of people who spend their free time mainly in public places such as the train station or the various parks and support them in their everyday lives.

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Youth Care

The youth care system creates youthful environments and infrastructures for young people. Local youth workers ensure that the necessary facilities, services and events for young people are available on time and sufficiently in the regional circles and independent cities.

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Youth Club Horst

The Youth Club Horst is an open club for children and young people from 7 years.
In the cozy cafeteria you can enjoy small meals, drinks and sweet treats, chill in the couch corners or try out various games.

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Youth Participation

The Youth Participation Landau offers the young people of Landau the opportunity to work in their city for the interests of young people and to shape their environment. Every two weeks, the group meets at the House of the Youth Landau.

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