The House of the Youth is an open meeting place for children and young people in the Landau city center with several offers. In addition to our café, which is the heart of the house, we offer our rooms to birthday celebrations or to rehearse with your music band.

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The House of the Youth was officially opened on September 2nd, 1983. Since then, many generations of young people of Landau have animated the House of the Youth and used it as a youth room. Various offers and actions have been implemented in the past and some offers have remained until today, such as the educational Travel to Berlin, which was first performed in 2001.

The house was and is a place where young people feel at home, they are accepted as they are and can contribute their skills, talents and dexterity. The House of the Youth is an open house in which mutual respect and mindfulness are important. We reject exclusion and discrimination and stray for a colorful and diverse coexistence.

The Café

The Café of the House of Youth is an open meeting place for young people – the central place in the house to meet, tell and play. We differ from commercial providers, because there is no compulsory consumption with us. At the counter, there are snacks, sweeties and soft drinks at pocket-friendly prices.
There are a variety of free games available (board and card games, table football, table tennis, etc.).

Also in the café is our pool table, which can be used free of charge (registration at the bar).
In Addition there are two computers that may be used gladly and since 2018 we have got free Wi-Fi for you.
There is always someone who has an open ear.


Our opening times

Monday 14:00-19:00
Thuesday-Friday 14:00-20:00
Saturday Projects

Regular offers

To the offer of the café there are fixed program points in the week but also recurring „special events“, to which we cordially invite you. But sitting together, playing, discussing, or simply chatting the easy way is always possible.

Permanent offers
Frequent offers


Here you can download the PDF.

Special Events

Excursions are not too short with us! At regular intervals we travel to different places with you. To stay up to date about our trips follow us on Instagram, Facebook or check out here and read what’s up.
Or just drop by for our opening hours at the House of the Youth and help to plan and organize the excursions.

For offers and excursions you can always register directly on-site, at the bar in person or by phone (06341.135171 or 06341.135172).


Nadine Bönicke images
Phone: 06341/135171
Responsibilities: Open Youth Work, Political Education, Counseling, Creative, Culture, Projects

I’m Nadine, the successor of Steffen Schmidt and have been working since September 2016 in the House of the Youth. I was born and raised in Landau, so I did not avoid being a guest at the House of the Youth in my own youth. I can still remember different concerts in the house and the first meeting of Antifa Landau.

I completed my apprenticeship as a youth and home educator a long time ago. After working for a few years, traveling and enjoying life, I moved to Freiburg to study social work.

Susanna Heupel-Herbst images
Phone: 06341/135174
Responsibilities: Berlin, children’s birthday parties, creative offers, Open Youth Work
Carlotta Kostrzewa Carlotta
Phone: 06341/135179
Responsibilities: Open Youth Work

My name is Carlotta Kostrzewa and I am 24 years old.
In October 2018, I completed my dual studies in social work and have since been working with 50% in the open area of the House of Youth. I am also a passionate dancer and volunteer as a trainer in my club. Before starting my studies, I worked as an au pair in New Zealand for nine months and then traveled the country. Accordingly, my decision to study social work was characterized by different empirical values.
I am available to the children and adolescents in the House of the Youth as a contact person and support them, together with my colleagues, in a variety of ways.


House of the Youth

Waffenstraße 5
(entrance in the middle)
76829 Landau