Landau’s Many Generations‘ House is an open institution with a wide variety of meeting and support opportunities for all ages.



The Many Generations‘ House is a meeting place for people, regardless of age, origin, gender, social or cultural background.

It is a kind of „public living room“, which should allow the coexistence of the different generations, in order to create and promote joint learning, joint activities and mutual exchange and support. This creates a new neighborly togetherness and we-feeling, which helps to actively increase the quality of life of the residents in the district.

The Many Generations‘ House house offers a variety of leisure activities as well as a range of advice and support for the various problems that may arise in today’s everyday life. In addition to expert advice, a neighborly help has been created through the interplay of generations. Everyday life skills and experience are exchanged, which promotes social participation, self-help, integration and strengthens the cohesion between the local people.

Another important task is networking and cooperation with local institutions and agencies such as Authorities, schools, initiatives and associations and the activation of the local population.

Our opening times

Monday 09:00-18:30
Thuesday 09:00-18:30
Wednesday 09:30-18:30
Thursday 09:30-18:30
Friday 13:45-17:30

Our opening times and offers as PDF (german)

Regular offers

Weekly program (Times see plan below)
  • Crafting
  • „Begegnungscafé Internationale“ for women (practice and consolidate German languages)
  • Counseling service (lawyer, tax consultant, pedagogical expert)
  • Library
  • English talkgroupsss
  • Women’s Breakfast
  • Handcraft Café
  • Learning sponsorship project and homework help
  • Mother-child language group
  • Open consultation
  • Open meeting
  • Russian mother-child meeting
  • Senior Internet Café (SeICa)
Holiday offers
  • In Easter, summer and autumn holidays
  • Offers available by the day separately
Reading aloud project
  • Twice a year
  • Get read a book for a whole monday
  • Subsequently, cinema experience matching the book

Our opening times and offers as PDF (german)

Special Offers

For example, every year on September 20, we organize World Children’s Day – just click on Special Offers and look up in the „Collaborations“ section above.


Anne Schmidt Anne
Dipl. Pädagogin
Phone: 06341/135180
Responsibilities: Management Mehrgenerationenhaus, open meeting, holiday offers, accompaniment various offers, advice
Anja Schellbach Anja
Dipl. Sozialarbeiterin
Phone: 06341/135180
Responsibilities: Women’s breakfast, Open meeting, Holiday offers, Handcraft cafe, Consultation
Anna Friedrichs Anna
September 2018 bis August 2019
We are also part of the Team:
Mali Vlaja
Female Boxer mix
Born 29.06.2012
Therapy support dog training
(open meeting, holiday offers)
Female Labrador
Born 14.10.2009
Dog handler license BHV
(Women’s breakfast, holiday offers and occasionally open meeting)


Many Generations‘ House

Danziger Platz 18
76829 Landau