We enter into the lifeworld of people who spend their free time mainly in public places such as the train station or the various parks and support them in their everyday lives.

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Streetwork is…

… accepting: We treat our clients with respect and appreciation and accept them holistically in their different lifestyles.

… voluntarily: Our offer is voluntary. Everyone is allowed, but nobody has to work with us. The clients themselves decide on the duration and intensity of the contacts.

… life-world-oriented: Through the outreach work we go into the worlds of our clients. At the different meeting places we are guests.

… low-threshold: We try to reach our clients where they are. That means we look for them in the places where they spend their free time or make home visits. The threshold for establishing contact and maintaining contact should be as low as possible.

… promoting: We support people in their development and try to counteract social disadvantages and exclusion.

… Relationship work: The foundation of our work is trust. By building professional relationships, we are a reliable partner for our clients.

… Partiality: We are a mouthpiece for the clients and represent their interests and needs to the outside world. We always try to create new spaces and offers.

… confidentially: We are subject to confidentiality. This means that no private information is passed on by us.

… social space-oriented: Through a social space-oriented view, we try to preserve spaces for our clients

Our tasks are:

  • Accompaniment and support of the clients in everyday life and in critical life situations
  • Organization of various projects and events
  • Visiting the clients in public places
  • Consultation
  • Designing new recreational opportunities
  • Educational work on homelessness and addiction
  • Promotion of people in difficult life situations
  • Support in improving living conditions
  • Cooperation with various institutions and organizations
  • Contact for problems such as addiction, homelessness, conflicts with the police, school / work, family or in the partnership
  • Community work
  • Home visits
  • Our offers

    • Day trips
    • Accompaniment in case of official visits by arrangement
    • Conversations by appointment
    • Open consultation with Johanna every Wednesday

    • Different events and special offerings
      (Find here more informations)

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    Johanna Dreisigacker images
    Phone: 0174/9089353
    Mail: johanna.dreisigacker@landau.de
    Responsibilities: Outreaching work, project work, consulting
    Madeleine Hoffmann images
    Phone: 0152/04188916
    Mail: madeleine.hoffmann@landau.de
    Responsibilities: Outreaching work, project work, consulting


    Youth Support Landau

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