The youth care system creates youthful environments and infrastructures for young people. Local youth workers ensure that the necessary facilities, services and events for young people are available on time and sufficiently in the regional circles and independent cities.

Here you can find the article to our Youth Protection and Youth Work Protection



The essential tasks of the youth care are named in §§ 11 to 14 SGB VIII.

In detail these are:

  • extracurricular youth education
  • Youth work in sports, games and socializing
  • working world, school and family related youth work
  • child and youth recreation (recreation, holiday activities)
  • Youth counseling
  • Youth Social Work
  • Promotion of youth clubs and associations
  • Youth protection
  • Analysis and processing of substantive issues of child and youth work as well as youth-specific and youth-cultural developments
  • Public relation
  • Statements
  • Planning, organization and calculation of youth care measures and offers
  • Concept development for child and youth work in the city of Landau in the Palatinate

Contact partner: Arno Schönhöfer

Our opening times

Monday to Wednesday 08:30-12:00 14:00-16:00
Thursday 08:30-12:00 14:00-18:00
Friday 08:30-12:00


Our offers can be found on the general offer overview of our website:Offers made by the Youth Care LandauOffers in cooperation with the Youth Care


Arno Schönhöfer >Arno
City Youth Career and Head of Department
Phone: 06341-135170
Mobile: 0162-2722522
Responsibilities: Protection of minors, contact persons for associations & clubs, children’s day, holiday pass, holiday offers, graffiti agency, JuLeiCa training, statements

My name is Arno Schönhöfer. Already in 1983 for the opening of the House of the Youth I was active as a young singer and drummer in the House of the Youth. Since 1988 I have completed my first internship as part of my social pedagogy study there. After completing my studies in 1989 I also completed my year of recognition. In October 1990, as successor to Karl-Heinz „Yancy“ Roessler, I took over the management of the house for the next 20 years. At the end of 2010 I also took over the succession of the city youth carer Bernhard Süß. The areas open work (House of the Youth and Youth Club Horst) and Youth Care were united to the Youth Support Landau. Over time, the Many Generations‘ House, the Youth Participation and the Streetwork joined the Youth Support.

In my spare time I like to travel with my wife and dog, make music as a drummer of the band „ZEITLOS“, read and try to bring the garden to bloom.

Tamara Schreiber
Business office of the Youth Support Landau
Phone: 06341-135172
Responsibilities: Registrations, applications, family pass, equipment rental, space allocation, pocket money agency, administration, grants
Ina Rinck images
Youth Care Landau
Phone: 06341-135175
0172-103 51 38
Responsibilities: Project planning, holiday pass, children’s day, holiday activities, house of the senses
Lena Guth images
Dual student of social work
Phone: 06341-135176
Responsibilities: All departments of the Youth Support Landau


Youth Support Landau

Waffenstraße 5(right entrance)76829 Landau