The purpose of the Youth Protection Act is to protect children and adolescents (minors / under-18s) from dangers and negative influences in the public and in the media.



The Youth Protection Act is intended to strengthen and protect children and adolescents by binding certain activities and actions in public as well as media consumption to specific age groups. The law also helps parents with the responsible education of their children.
The individual provisions of the law are aimed primarily at adults and not at the children and adolescents themselves. The addressees are the adults, especially traders and organizers, who are given orientation and are informed of their responsibility towards young people

The Youth Protection Act has the following priorities:

  • Youth protection in public
  • Youth protection with regard to tabacco and alcohol
  • Youth protection with regard to media

But: Parents do not have to allow everything the law allows.

The term youth work protection stands for political measures for the personal protection of children and young people in the working life. The youth employment protection is thus a part of the labor law or of the work protection as well as the protection of minors.

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