The Youth Participation Landau offers the young people of Landau the opportunity to work in their city for the interests of young people and to shape their environment. Every two weeks, the group meets at the House of the Youth Landau (every Thursday of the even calendar weeks from 17:45 to 20:00). The group is open to those who are interested.

Think with! Join in! Determine with!

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Since the summer of 2016, there is half a job in the city of Landau to accompany the committed young people and to establish youth participation in the city. The aim of the work is to set up a self-selected form of participation with the interested young people of Landau. Currently, work is being done in the form of working groups and projects.

Regular offers

To the offer of the café there are fixed program points in the week but also recurring „special events“, to which we cordially invite you. But sitting together, playing, discussing, or simply chatting the easy way is always possible.

Permanent offers
  • Make contacts with people with similar interests
  • Get involved politically
Special Events

Find our current offers and projects in the social networks.
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Lisa Behret Lisa
Phone: 0172/2136406
Responsibilities: Youth Participation

My name is Lisa Behret and since the summer of 2014 I work for the city of Landau as a social worker. I grew up in Landau and went to school here. During my studies in social work, I sniffed some big city air and lived in Dresden, among other places. My field of activity around the youth participation is very diverse and gives me a lot of pleasure. Allowing adolescents to get involved in their own city, to help them decide and shape them is an important task for me in a community and I am very happy to be able to fulfill it.


House of the Youth

Waffenstraße 5
(entrance in the middle)
76829 Landau