General and target group

Since September 2001 we offer the organization and design of children’s birthday parties. The target group are children over the age of seven.


Children’s birthday parties are held on the second floor of the House of the Youth. There are two differently sized rooms for eating and playing, as well as a disco for dancing. In addition, we use the pottery or the workshop for creative offers. In good weather, we also go out to a city rally, a water bomb run or on the playground of the Pestalozzi elementary school to play football …


Execution and organization of the birthdays takes place by two pedagogically trained or experienced forces. The parents may be present at the birthday, but their presence is not required.


The children’s birthday party is composed of different components:

  • Game elements (e.g., warm-up games, movement games, disco games, concentration and perception games, etc.)
  • Creative offers (for example fretwork, plaster masks, paper masks, make-up, paper works, clay works, seasonal handicrafts, etc.)
  • Joint meal (cake, savoury, …)

In the field of creative offers the birthday child has options between different offerings. These will be explained and decided during a previous separate conversation. The order of events and the games are determined by educational experts.

  • By using the elements of classic group work with children such as Games and creative work, the children have a group experience that forms an antithesis to the individualization and technical uprising of our society
  • By using simple materials (such as paper, wood, clay, etc.) in crafting and teaching meaningful design and work techniques, an alternative to leisure and commercialization of the festivals is achieved
  • The games and offers are limited to the essentials, whereby the experience of the children is in the foreground and not passive consumption. (Except for food and drinks there will be no other consumption.)


We charge a flat fee of 5.- Euro per child (but at least 60.- Euro) plus the costs for the drinks (delivery at cost). The food has to be brought by yourself.

In October, November and December (during the exhibition „House of Senses“) and during school holidays, children’s birthday parties can not be offered.

Contact person: Susanna Heupel-Herbst