Every year in June, the Landau downtown is regularly in the hands of children. „More time for children“ – this is the motto of the 27th Landau Children’s Day.

The Children’s Day is a cooperation of the active entrepreneurs for Landau and the Youth Support Landau. On June 8, 2019 , the city center becomes a huge gaming mile.

Around 1000 volunteers participate in many activities – between 10 and 16 clock have 20,000 people from the region their fun.

On the stage, this year in the courtyard of the Red Barracks , a colorful potpourri of dance performances and musical performances will be presented. The joy of movement, fun and games are in the foreground on this day. From handball parcours on the Obertorplatz to colorful and creative design offers in the complete interior, the small and large visitors are invited to participate. We hope to be able to organize this year again a huge game mile, together with clubs, associations and institutions.

All income must again benefit children – for example, in the youth work of an association. With the commercial concept to this extent, Landau sees itself at the top of the Children’s Day.

Once again we give out a station pass to children, in four places (Obertorplatz, Stiftsplatz, Ostbahnstraße, Untere Marktstraße), the children have to get a stamp. If you have collected all the stamps and hand them in at the station of the Red Barracks until 3 pm, you can take part in the raffle at 15.00 in the courtyard of the Red Barracks. There are great prizes to win not only in the raffle but also in the Balloon Competition of Active Entrepreneurs for Landau. The proceeds of the Balloon Contest benefit, as it does every year, for a good cause.

Of course, in addition to our proven colleagues in recent years, we are also looking forward to new providers joining us for Children’s Day. Especially for clubs and associations this day offers a platform for presentation and contact.

The Landauer Children’s Day always takes place on the second Saturday in June and has its origins in the GDR. The counterpart in the Federal Republic is still the World Kids Day on September 20th, to which the Youth Support Landau traditionally organizes a gala party on the Danziger Platz.

Contact person: Ina Rinck

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