In the House of the Youth there are drum lessons for beginners two days a week. For all newcomers, the first 10 hours are set at 10 Euros per lesson (45 minutes). If, after the introductory course, there is still a burning interest in continuing to take drum lessons, the costs adapt to our consistent course. The costs then amount to 15 euros per lesson. Billing takes place every six months. Here, the actually received lessons are recorded and billed once at the beginning of the summer as well as the Christmas holidays.

During school holidays and public holidays there is no lesson.
The course ends automatically at the end of each calendar year, except if continuing the course is in the interest of the student.

If during the current course the interest in the drum lessons on the part of the student no longer exist, a premature end in consultation with Samy or Nadine from the House of the Youth is possible.
If you are interested in an appointment for our drum lessons, please contact Nadine Bönicke from the House of the Youth.


Contact person: Nadine Bönicke