The Youth Support Landau manages the Graffiti Agency of Landau and tries to bring together the interests of citizens on the one hand and the sprayer scene on the other hand.

Graffiti 2

Therefore the Youth Support is always looking for suitable walls for sprayers in the whole city area, which can be provided to the sprayers, so they can exercise their art legally. In return the sprayers are registered at the Youth Support and receive an ID card, which entitles them to embellish the provided walls.

Graffiti 3

In a third step, interested individuals or companies can turn to the Youth Support, to place orders to the registered sprayers. The Youth Support arranges the contact to those sprayers.

Traveler DC 120

The Graffiti Agency thus makes a contribution to the legalization of graffiti art.

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Contact person: Arno Schönhöfer