Together with Ralf Priemer from the improvisation group „Wer wenn nicht Vier?“, the Haus der Jugend offered a trial improvisation theater course for those interested in the spring of 2019.
From the course, the idea has developed, why not just keep going and since then the House of the Youth has its own improvisational theater group. Currently without a name but so motivated that we meet once a week and practice for 90 minutes in spontaneity and improvisation.

What is improvisational theater?

Improvisational theater is a form of theater that does not require written dialogues and fixed staging. The basis for this is spontaneity, creativity and a willingness to grow beyond oneself, according to the motto „Meet the Monster“.

If you feel addressed by it and are at least 14 years or older, with theater experience or without, then this is the right place for you!

Contact person: Nadine Bönicke