The project „Socially Engaged Boys“ offers male adolescents not only the possibility, to earn new social and educational competences, it also allows them to have a look in a series of jobs, which are not part of the „classic“ malework.

In this project for half a year, students from classes 9 and 10 (therefore between an age of 14 to 17 years) work once or twice a week up to three hours in the afternoon for free in a kindergarden or a primary school. They support education and devolpoment of the children, for example through the organization of games, read aloud projects and other leisure activities.

In addition to a monthly pocket money, at the end of the project, the boys receive a note in their testimonies as well as a certification about their participation in the project, handed over by the main mayor of Landau, Thomas Hirsch.


Contact Person: Pyrvan Becker