Every year on the 20th of September, on the occasion of the World Kids Day on the Danziger Platz in the district of Horst in Landau, a big children’s party is celebrated. The festival is organized by the Youth Support of the city of Landau, which every year can attract many active players for the festival. Over the years, a permanent circle of participants of institutions and associations based in the Horst district has formed, which take part annually in the World Kids Day.

From a crawling corner for the little ones, to crafting supplies, face painting, can throwing, movement parade, splashboard, bouncy castles, a clown demonstration and many other offers. Also for the physical well-being is sufficently taken care of with hearty sausages, vegetarian dishes, waffles, cakes, desserts and much more.

Various clubs and cultures present themselves on World Kids Day with culinary or sports or dance performances during the program, which accompanies the festival.

Plakat WKT 2018.png

If you would like to be part of this nice festival, please contact Anne Schmidt per phone unter 06341-135180 or per EMail under Anne.Schmidt@landau.de.