There is no lawful regulation if and how much pocket money parents have to give to their children. Still pocket money is important for children and adolescents to learn the handling with money early. So they have to decide themselves if they are able to buy something or not and to take responsibility for what they bought.

How much pocket money the children get is primarily depending on their parents‘ income. If for example one parent gets unemployed the children might have to put back too.

Of course the amount of money is also to be measured by which expense the children and adolescents shall meet. Therefore the pocket money should be organized by age. Because rarely children of the age of ten and less are able to organize their expenses of a whole month, a weekly paying out should be considered at the beginning. Later children should also learn to organize and overlook longer financial periods.

But there also exist some benchmarks for the pocket money. Following the suggestions of different youth offices, the advisory service for money and household of the German Sparkassen- and Giroverband suggests the following amounts:

Age in Years Amount in € per
Bellow 6 0,50 to 1 Week
7 1,00 to 1,50 Week
8 2,00 to 2,50 Week
9 2,50 to 3,00 Week
10 15,00 to 17,50 Month
11 17,50 to 20,00 Month
12 20,00 to 22,50 Month
13 22,50 to 25,00 Month
14 25,00 to 30,00 Month
15 30,00 to 37,50 Month
16 37,50 to 45,00 Month
17 45,00 to 60,00 Month
18 60,00 to 75,00 Month

(State: September 2017)

Primary pocket money is determined for the pocket, not for bigger investments. It should be spent in own responsibility. Pocket money should be paid as long as the children don’t earn any considerable income on their own. In this sense small amounts for delivering newspapers or magazines or for short term summer jobs should not result in a reduction of the pocket money.

Assigned budget: Furthermore it can be usefull to arrange an assigned budget gradually for children from 14 years, for example for clothes/shoes, bus/train, food out of home, mobile phone/internet, cosmetics/hygiene and schoolmaterials.

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