The team of the Youth Support Landau introduces itself:



Haus der Jugend

Nadine Bönicke images
Phone: 06341/135171
Responsibilities: Open Youth Work, Political Education, Counseling, Creative, Culture, Projects

I’m Nadine, the successor of Steffen Schmidt and have been working since September 2016 in the House of the Youth. I was born and raised in Landau, so I did not avoid being a guest at the House of the Youth in my own youth. I can still remember different concerts in the house and the first meeting of Antifa Landau.

I completed my apprenticeship as a youth and home educator a long time ago. After working for a few years, traveling and enjoying life, I moved to Freiburg to study social work.

Susanna Heupel-Herbst images
Phone: 06341/135174
Responsibilities: Berlin, children’s birthday parties, creative offers, Open Youth Work
Carlotta Kostrzewa Carlotta
Phone: 06341/135179
Responsibilities: Open Youth Work

My name is Carlotta Kostrzewa and I am 24 years old.In October 2018, I completed my dual studies in social work and have since been working with 50% in the open area of the House of Youth. I am also a passionate dancer and volunteer as a trainer in my club. Before starting my studies, I worked as an au pair in New Zealand for nine months and then traveled the country. Accordingly, my decision to study social work was characterized by different empirical values.I am available to the children and adolescents in the House of the Youth as a contact person and support them, together with my colleagues, in a variety of ways.


Lisa Behret Lisa
Phone: 0172/2136406
Responsibilities: Youth Participation

My name is Lisa Behret and since the summer of 2014 I work for the city of Landau as a social worker. I grew up in Landau and went to school here. During my studies in social work, I sniffed some big city air and lived in Dresden, among other places. My field of activity around the youth participation is very diverse and gives me a lot of pleasure. Allowing adolescents to get involved in their own city, to help them decide and shape them is an important task for me in a community and I am very happy to be able to fulfill it.


Arno Schönhöfer >Arno
Stadtjugendpfleger und Abteilungsleiter
Phone: 06341-135170
Mobile: 0162-2722522
Responsibilities: Protection of minors, contact persons for associations & clubs, children’s day, holiday pass, holiday offers, graffiti agency, JuLeiCa training, statements

My name is Arno Schönhöfer. Already in 1983 for the opening of the House of the Youth I was active as a young singer and drummer in the House of the Youth. Since 1988 I have completed my first internship as part of my social pedagogy study there. After completing my studies in 1989 I also completed my year of recognition. In October 1990, as successor to Karl-Heinz „Yancy“ Roessler, I took over the management of the house for the next 20 years. At the end of 2010 I also took over the succession of the city youth carer Bernhard Süß. The areas open work (House of the Youth and Youth Club Horst) and Youth Care were united to the Youth Support Landau. Over time, the Many Generations‘ House, the Youth Participation and the Streetwork joined the Youth Support.

In my spare time I like to travel with my wife and dog, make music as a drummer of the band „ZEITLOS“, read and try to bring the garden to bloom.

Tamara Schreiber Bild Tamara 1
Geschäftszimmer der Jugendförderung
Phone: 06341-135172
Responsibilities: Registrations, applications, family pass, equipment rental, space allocation, pocket money agency, administration, grants
Ina Rinck images
Jugendpflege Landau
Phone: 06341-135175
0172-103 51 38
Responsibilities: Project planning, holiday pass, children’s day, holiday activities, house of the senses
Lena Guth images
Duale Studentin der Sozialen Arbeit
Phone: 06341-135176
Responsibilities: All departments of the Youth Support Landau

Jugendtreff Horst

Pyrvan Becker PB Pyrvan
Phone: 06341/135177
Responsibilities: Open area at Jugendtreff Horst, project management mountain bike, project management socially engaged boys

With my diploma in hand as a freshly baked social pedagogue, I joined the Youth Support Landau in the Youth Club Horst in 2011.In addition to the everyday adventure in the open area, every year I accompany a few boys of the 9th and 10th classes in a project, in which the boys are socially engaged in Landau kindergartens (link) and in good weather I accompany all motivated mountain bikers in the context of the project mountain bike (link) on an exciting tour in the Palatinate Forest.

Silke Stenger images
Phone: 06341/135178

I grew up in Landau and started early with church youth work. After my studies of social education in Darmstadt, a bit of world traveling and several years of work in the youth work, I landed in 1996 at the Youth Support Landau and have, together with colleagues, build the Youth Club Horst.Even after several years, working with children and adolescents is a lot of fun and I think it’s great to be able to accompany the kids on a part of their life. The constantly changing world of kids is always an exciting challenge and never lets the work get boring.


Anne Schmidt Anne
Dipl. Pädagogin
Phone: 06341/135180
Responsibilities: Management Mehrgenerationenhaus, open meeting, holiday offers, accompaniment various offers, advice
Anja Schellbach Anja
Dipl. Sozialarbeiterin
Phone: 06341/135180
Responsibilities: Women’s breakfast, Open meeting, Holiday offers, Handcraft cafe, Consultation
Anna Friedrichs Anna
September 2018 bis August 2019


Johanna Dreisigacker images
Phone: 0174/9089353
Responsibilities: Outreaching work, project work, consulting
Madeleine Hoffmann images
Phone: 0152/04188916
Responsibilities: Outreaching work, project work, consulting